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Why Choose LED Tube Lights from JH Market

  • Perfect replacement for conventional fluro T8 Tubes
  • High efficacy 110lm/w
  • Great durability – 40,000 hours lifespan
  • Instant lighting
  • Uniform illumination

LED tube lights, which are also called polycarbonate LED lights, can be attached to ceilings, walls, or hung anywhere there is a bare batten. LED tubes can be put up in garages, parking lots, businesses, and bus stops, among other places. LED tube lights have also been used on their own as photography and cinematography lighting.

Our customer favourite polycarbonate LED:

JinHang 18W Polycarbonate LED Tube 1200mm 5000K

This LED tube light comes with an inbuilt sensor and smart functions. This LED tube light can also save you time on jobs and when putting it in. Due to its self-adjusting technology, this polycarbonate LED can be used for many different things. You can buy it from an LED tube light supplier and keep it on hand for any future projects.

This LED tube light will also save time when stocking goods because it has more than one use but only needs one SKU code, which is the code that is given to each product so that the company can keep track of stock.

Benefits of LED tube lights

One of the advantages of using LED tube lights is that they don't need much upkeep, which means you don't have to pay as much for maintenance. Also, while most incandescent light bulbs last about 750 hours, LED tube lights last about 30,000 to 50,000 hours and use less energy.

It's easy to switch out incandescent tube lights for LED tubes, and you can almost always use the same light fitting. LED tubes are made to fit the same sockets, so you can easily switch to this more efficient light source. This gives you a better and easier option.

Main factors to consider when buying LED tube lights:

Colour Temperature of LED Tube Lights

Our polycarbonate LEDs come in a range of colour temperatures that make them good for many different uses.

A 3000k LED tube gives off a warm white light that can help make a space feel calm and friendly.

A 4000k LED tube light gives off a moderate white light that is great for working and task-focused areas.

A 5000k LED tube gives off a cool white light and is great for putting in places where you want to focus on work or for security.

A 6000k LED tube gives off a light that is close to daylight. It is great for working spaces and places where you want to make it look like daylight, like to show off the colours of a product.

Lifespan of LED Tube Lights

You should consider the LED tubes' expected lifespan before buying LED tube lights online. Our LED tubes have a lifespan of at least 30,000 hours, which means you can save time and money by not having to return to install them as often.

To ensure you receive a high-quality, long-lasting polycarbonate LED tube light, only purchase from a trusted online LED tube light wholesaler, like JH Market. We guarantee the lowest prices on the web and the quality of our products is unparalleled. Additionally, istead of ending up in a landfill, you can recycle our LED tube lights without the hassle of disassembling old fluorescent tubes.

Size of LED Tube Lights

The size of your LED tubes is important because you want to make sure they fit where you want them to and give off enough light without being too bright. Maintenance costs are also important to think about. When you need a replacement, it will be easier and less expensive if you buy an LED tube light online in a size that is widely sold by LED tube light suppliers. This is because LED tubes are mass-produced and therefore easier to find.

JH Market's LED tube lights are available for purchase in three convenient ways: online, in-store, or by calling our helpful sales staff.