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LED Batten Lights

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Why are JH Market LED batten lights the best lighting option:

  • Tri colour options for a variety of applications
  • Flicker-free
  • Slim line for residential installations
  • User-friendly for easy installation
  • Wiring options back and side
  • Varied sizing, allowing you to retrofit and fully cover pre-existing holes
  • Long lifespan, minimum 30,000 hours
  • Minimum 3-year warranty
  • Competitive pricing

Our best-selling products:

JinHang 18W 2nd Gen Integrated Weather Proof Double LED Batten - 600mm

  • Surface-mounted, suspension installation
  • Three types of CCT suitable for a variety of applications
  • Good light quality with 50,000 hour lifespan
  • Built-in OSRAM driver to ensure flicker-free and long term use
  • 5 Years Warranty
  • Built-in, non-dimmable, unreplaceable driver

JinHang 40W Surface Mount Slim LED Batten 6000k-Black-6000K

  • Flicker-free
  • 110° beam angle
  • Homogeneous light distribution
  • High lumen efficacy - 100lm/W
  • Long lifespan of 50,000 hours & 5 years warranty

It would be difficult for you to go about your day without encountering batten lights. They’re usually installed on the ceilings or walls of different establishments, like garages, emergency stairwells, workplaces, car parks, and bus stops.

Instead of fluorescent batten lights, LED batten lights are a stylish, modern option. LED batten lights usually last longer than fluorescent batten lights. They are also more energy efficient, which means less cost for upkeep and lower energy bills. LED batten lights are also better for the environment. Old fluorescent battens are often made of glass and contain mercury. If a fluorescent batten breaks, it can be very dangerous. The light from LED grid lights is also bright and spreads out evenly.

Key Considerations in Choosing LED batten lights

Size of LED batten light

It's important that your LED batten lights are the right size so that they fit in your space and give off enough light without taking over the room. Maintenance costs are also important to think about. When you need a replacement, it will be easier and less expensive if you buy a size of LED batten light that is widely sold by LED light suppliers. This is because they are made in larger quantities and are therefore easier to find.

Colour temperature of LED batten light

The best temperature for LED batten lights in the workplace is 5000k or higher, because it gives off a natural bright light that can help you stay alert and active. If you want to put LED batten lights indoors, 4000k is a good choice because it makes a nice, relaxed atmosphere.

CRI of LED batten light

Most LED batten lights and LED weatherproof batten lights have a value of around 80, with the sun being 100. LED batten lights are like natural sunlight, so these lights make everything look brighter and can help you concentrate and feel better in general.

IP rating

The IP grade tells you if the LED batten lights can be used inside or outside. If you are putting up batten lights outside or in your garage workshop, you should use LED weatherproof battens (IP65) to protect them from water and dust. If you only need to put LED batten lights inside, IP20 will be enough. If you buy weatherproof LED battens from JH Market, you can use them either inside or outside.

Integrated LED batten lights

An integrated LED batten light is a lighting fixture with one or two slim, light-weight LEDs built in. They are much easier to replace compared to fluorescent batten lights as you replace the light and the fitting all in one, which also saves on installation costs.

JH Market offers high-quality LED lights at budget-friendly prices. Our LED batten lights and LED weatherproof batten lights offer a wide variety of colour temperatures, perfect for various applications. These lights have an impressive lifespan, so you’ll save money on installation fees.

Our LED batten lights and LED weatherproof batten lights can also be recycled, unlike fluorescent batten lights, which end up in landfills. They need to be taken apart the right way and taken to your local place for recycling plastics, metals, and electronics.