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Why buy your weatherproof switches and sockets at JH Market:

  • Multiple conduit entry points
  • Weatherproof switch and outlet for exterior use
  • IP53 & IP66 rated options
  • Large angle
  • Up to 30 years warranty

JH Market carries a wide selection of GPOs, isolators, and weatherproof switches that have been tried and true in Australia's climate. We put our weatherproof electrical switches through a series of testing to ensure they can withstand the elements without succumbing to corrosion, colour fading, or dust and dirt accumulation.

Below is our best selling weatherproof outdoor switch:

JinHang Weatherproof Single GPO IP53 250V 15A

Both residential and commercial spaces can benefit from using this weatherproof outdoor switch. This weatherproof switch has an IP53 rating, making it a dependable option for a number of scenarios. This switch may be fitted in any outside space because it can endure sprays of water and dust. In addition, 20mm and 25mm conduit entrances are present in the mounting base of this weatherproof light switch. This makes this weatherproof electrical switch appropriate for surface or hidden wiring entry. This weatherproof outdoor switch also complies with Australian safety regulations and standards.

The 30-year warranty on this weatherproof light switch should put your mind at ease.

It's essential to ensure your and your client's safety is prioritised when shopping for weatherproof switches. The risk of electric shock is increased when weatherproof sockets and devices are put outside and in damp areas because of the possibility of leakage and water infiltration. The use of high-quality, thoroughly tested weatherproof sockets and switches is crucial for ensuring the safety and longevity of any outdoor electrical installation. Unlike many cheaper options on the market today, our weatherproof electrical switches are safe to put in and use. Our weatherproof sockets and switches go through tests to make sure they are safe to use in all seasons of Australia's sometimes harsh weather.

Depending on where your weatherproof light switches are going to be installed, you need to think about how much protection they need. Water splashed in any way on the weatherproof switch's housing won't affect how it works or how safe it is because IP53 rated weatherproof switches are protected against general dust and water ingress. However, strong dust and water sprays will not be strong enough to damage IP53 weatherproof sockets and switches. In this case, weatherproof outdoor switches with an IP66 rating are the best choice. No amount of dust or water can get into IP66 weatherproof sockets and switches, no matter how big or small they are.

IP66 weatherproof electrical switches are great for safety and long-term use. However, if you're putting weatherproof light switches in an area with little dust and water spray, an IP53 weatherproof light switch should do, as they're usually less expensive.

JH Market is one of the leading suppliers of weatherproof switches in Australia. You can look at our weather-proof light switches online, or you can visit one of our stores in Australia. During business hours, you can call our friendly sales team at 0800 748 848 if you have any questions about our weatherproof light switches. Contact us today to learn more about our selection of weatherproof light switches. Visit our selection of weatherproof switches. If you discover equivalent weatherproof light switches for less, we'll match that price by 10% thanks to our price-beat guarantee.