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Plug Bases & Quick Connects

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Reasons to Choose JH Market for Your Electrical Plug Bases:

  • 4 large terminals for 4x2.5mm sq. cables.
  • Colour-coded terminals for ease of use.
  • Includes a loop terminal.
  • Fully meets Australian safety standards.

Our Extensive Collection:

Single Socket Plug Base

Our plug bases are available in 70mm and 90mm cutouts. Features include a transparent rear clip-on cover, snap-off edges, colour-coded and loop terminals. They are suitable for appliances with a 10A three-pin plug lead. Shop our single socket plug bases here.

Multi Socket Plug Base

Our multi-socket plug bases are ideal for residential and commercial settings. They come with 4 large terminals, a clear rear clip cover, colour-coded terminals, and loop terminals. Shop our multi socket plug bases here.

Quick Connect Plug Base Socket

The JinHang quick connect plug bases are slim and compact, compatible with 1mm to 2.5mm sq. TPS cables. They are rated at 250V, 10A, and comply with Australian safety standards. Shop our quick connect electrical plug bases here.

For both residential and commercial projects, our electrical plug bases are an essential stock item. Shop online, in-store, or contact our sales team at 1300 000 808.

How to Choose Plug Bases and Quick Connects
  • Ensure compatibility with your device's requirements.
  • Check voltage and current ratings to meet your device's needs.
  • Opt for durable materials for safety and longevity.
  • Look for user-friendly and secure quick connections.
  • Choose products with safety and quality certifications.
  • Consider well-known brands for reliability.
  • Ensure the size fits your installation space.