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LED Oyster Lights

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Why Choose JH Market LED Oyster Lights

Oyster ceiling lights are also called moon lights. These lights offer a practical lighting solution for various areas within homes.

LED oyster lights are usually installed in toilets, laundries, and outside under eves.


Why choose JH Market’s outdoor LED sensor wall lights?

Our customer's favourite LED oyster light:

KG 36W Dimmable Tri-colour LED Oyster Light-430 x H115 mm

This tri-coloured oyster ceiling light is both dimmable and water-resistant, making it a versatile option that can adapt to various applications.

Key factors to consider when buying LED oyster ceiling lights:

Colour temperature of LED oyster ceiling lights

Choosing a tri-colour LED oyster light lets you use it for various applications.

There are various tri-colour oyster ceiling light options available. You can select from 3000k, 4000k, and 6000k colour temperature settings, so you can customize the lighting to suit your needs.

Warm white oyster ceiling lights (3000k) are particularly well-suited for creating a calm and ambient atmosphere, making them an excellent choice for bedroom lighting.

Make sure you have these LED oyster lights on hand for upcoming projects, as they offer a wide range of lighting possibilities.

Natural colour temperatures (5000K) LED oyster lights are perfect for bathroom installations, giving light that’s similar to natural sunlight. Meanwhile, 6000k cool white oyster lights are an excellent choice for task-focused areas because it promotes alertness.

Sensors of LED oyster ceiling lights

LED oyster lights with built-in sensors offer hands-free and convenient lighting. These types of lights are perfect for areas like laundries and small toilets.

With these lights, you can walk into a room and instantly be met with illumination without needing to touch any switches. Having oyster lights with inbuilt sensors in such areas is convenient and hygienic, especially when your hands are full.

Wattage and size of LED oyster ceiling lights

Adequate illumination and coverage of LED oyster ceiling lights are essential for their intended area and task.

Our energy-efficient LED oyster lights deliver a high lumen output while consuming fewer watts, promoting environmental friendliness and energy bill savings.

With a wide range of watt options from 12W to 38W available at JH Market, you can find the perfect fit for your needs. We also offer various sizes of LED oyster lights to make sure that they provide ample light without overwhelming your space.

IP rating of LED oyster ceiling lights

Oyster lights with an IP20 rating are suitable for indoor use. Meanwhile, LED oyster lights with an IP44 rating and above are water resistant, which are suitable for outdoor areas.

JH Market offers both of these options for LED oyster ceiling lights. Choosing LED oyster ceiling lights that are water resistant will provide you with the flexibility for indoor or outdoor use.