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LED floodlights are outdoor lighting fixtures that emit a concentrated and expansive beam of light. These lights are typically used to illuminate large spaces like parking lots, gardens, sports arenas, and architectural structures.

On the other hand, sensor flood lights are a type of outdoor LED flood lights that come with an integrated motion sensor. These indoor LED flood lights activate automatically when it detects movement within their designated range.


If your clients need additional security on your property, you can purchase LED floodlights with motion sensors since these specialized floodlights can alert homeowners of any suspicious activity around their property. These LED floodlights also deter potential intruders due to the sudden activation of bright lights in response to motion detection.

Sensor flood lights are commonly used outdoors in residential areas and driveways. Moreover, you can install these LED floodlights in commercial areas like warehouses and parking lots. These sensor flood lights are helpful in poorly lit places, such as dark streets or alleyways, because they enhance visibility and reduce accidents.

How to choose LED floodlights

Choosing the best LED floodlights to suit your needs can be daunting due to the many options available in the market.

Here are key factors to consider before you purchase LED floodlights:

IP Rating:

Given that outdoor LED flood lights are frequently exposed to harsh weather conditions, it is essential to invest in LED floodlights specifically designed to withstand the harsh Australian climate.

Beam Angle:

The beam angle of an LED flood light is an important factor that determines the spread of light. Consider the appropriate beam angle depending on the area you need to illuminate. A wide beam angle is ideal for lighting up larger areas, whereas a narrow beam angle is better suited for illuminating specific objects or focal points.

Colour Temperature:

LED floodlights are available in various color temperatures. Some come in a warmer, yellowish light, while others emit a cooler, bluish light. When selecting LED floodlights, it's essential to plan your specific lighting needs and preferences to suit your application best.

Here are some common areas where LED floodlights can be used:

  • Sports lighting: LED floodlights can illuminate sports areas like tennis courts and football fields.
  • Industrial lighting: Floodlights can also be used in industrial areas like factories and warehouses.
  • Outdoor lighting: Outdoor LED flood lights can use for lighting large outdoor spaces, like parking lots and building facades.
  • Stage lighting: LED floodlights can also be used for stage lighting. These lights can produce vivid and bright colours, which can be adjusted to create different lighting effects.
  • Security lighting: You can purchase LED floodlights as an added security measure for houses, businesses, and other properties.

Explore our extensive selection of LED floodlights to discover the perfect lighting solution for your individual needs.

JH Market takes pride in providing top-notch LED lighting products with exceptional quality and durability. Our lights are specifically engineered to withstand harsh Australian weather conditions.

Our best-selling JinHang LED Floodlight V7 50W 4000K illuminates various outdoor areas.

This LED floodlight can reduce your electric costs by 50% compared to traditional lights. This flood light is made of high-quality aluminium and has excellent heat dissipation, which can prolong the bulb's lifespan.

These floodlights come with adjustable motion sensitivity, capable of detecting humans up to a range of 12 metres. You can also pick from three different mounting methods: on the wall, on the ceiling, or the floor.

Additional Information:

  • 120° Wide beam for maximum area coverage
  • Homogenous light
  • Easy to install
  • 4000K Colour temperature
  • 4,500LM
  • IP66 Rating
  • 3-year warranty
  • 100,000 hour lifespan

Find high-quality LED flood lights for the best prices at JH Market. You can choose from our extensive selection of leading Australian and international lighting suppliers.