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Outdoor LED Sensor Wall Lights

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Outdoor sensor lights offer both enhanced security and energy cost savings. Motion sensor lights are an excellent option for reducing electricity bills and promoting environmental responsibility. Combining LED sensor lights with other security measures like security cameras creates a comprehensive outdoor security solution for homes or offices.


Why choose JH Market’s outdoor LED sensor wall lights?

  • Varied color temperatures, suitable for multiple applications
  • High IP rating, best for indoor and outdoor use
  • Anti-corrosion options
  • Elegant and stylish designs
  • Our LED outdoor sensor lights are available in many color temperature options, including tricolour. This can help you customize your desired ambiance with your motion sensor lights.

    Cool white motion sensor lights are ideal for enhancing security and deterring unwanted visitors from your home or office during nighttime. Meanwhile, warm white motion sensor lights are perfect for creating a welcoming and inviting ambiance, making this type of LED sensory light a great choice for installation in backyards and outdoor dining areas.

    You can find different sensor wall lights that are suitable for your space, with wattage options ranging from 12W to 30W. Lower-wattage LED sensor lights are an excellent choice if you need ambient lighting or illumination for small areas.

    On the other hand, higher-wattage LED sensor lights will be more effective for security purposes or lighting larger areas, such as outside office buildings.

    Key factors to consider when purchasing outdoor wall lights:

    Type of motion sensor on outdoor sensor lights

    There are two primary types of motion sensors: passive infrared (PIR) and microwave. PIR motion detectors operate by measuring heat levels. PIR motion detectors can also detect changes in heat when an object that emits heat, like a person, moves within their sensor field.

    To maintain the effectiveness of outdoor sensor lights with a PIR sensor, it is essential to avoid installing them near any heat sources, like heaters or lamps.

    Meanwhile, microwave sensors work by releasing waves that are reflected back to the receiver, allowing them to detect any signal disruptions.

    At JH Market, you can find outdoor sensor wall lights equipped with microwave sensors that are known for their high sensitivity. These lights provide an added layer of security protection to homes, offering the benefits of both types of sensors in a single unit.

    IP rating of outside wall lights

    With a minimum IP rating of 54, JH Market’s best-selling JinHang 24W Double LED Sensor Wall Light V2 3000K outdoor wall and sensor lights can be installed indoors or outdoors.

    JH Market’s LED sensory wall lights and outdoor sensor lights are weatherproof, ensuring peace of mind as they provide enhanced security for your home or office.

    LED sensor spotlights are available in both single and twin-head options. Single-head LED sensor spotlights are an excellent choice when you want focused illumination for specific areas like a front door or to accentuate outdoor sculptures and other key features outside a home or building.

    Twin-head LED sensor spotlights are an ideal choice for adding depth and versatility to your lighting setup. They also require only one sensor light installation while providing illumination in two different directions, making these lights a cost-effective option.

    Feel free to reach out to us for any additional information regarding our sensor wall lights! We take pride in our price-beat guarantee, which means that if you come across similar motion sensor lights at a lower price, we'll gladly beat it by 10%! Contact us now to learn more.