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Why pick JH Market as your supplier for LED tracklights

  • Die cast aluminium body
  • Adjustable angle
  • 24 degree beam angle
  • CRI >90
  • Great durability & 3 years warranty

Our LED tracklights work well for a range of uses, including:

  • Residential spaces, especially kitchens
  • Museums, galleries, and exhibition halls
  • Cafes and restaurants
  • Hotels
  • Shopping centres
  • Retail stores

Our best-selling LED tracklights:

DGT Track Light 17W 3000K 24D Black - MD5312

This product is easy to install in new or retrofit installations, with adjustable heads direct light where it is needed, and a minimalist design.

This 17W LED light has a voltage of AC 220-240V. It is dimmable, featuring a colour temperature of 3000K and a high CRI of 90. Emitting 1300 lumens at an efficacy of 76 LM/W, this light has a beam angle of 24 degrees and comes in a stylish black body. It holds an IP20 rating and is designed for use with Universal 3 Wire and 1 Circuit Tracks.

This track light is flicker-free and comes with a 3-year warranty, promising a lifespan of 25,000 hours.

DGT Track Light 25W 24D 4000K White - MD5313

This DGT LED tracklight is suitable for home, gallery, jewelry, and office spaces.

With a wattage of 25W and a voltage of AC 220-240V, this dimmable track light offers a colour temperature of 4000K and a CRI of 90, providing a luminous output of 1800 LM. Delivering an efficacy of 72 LM/W and a beam angle of 24 degrees, this LED tracklight is not flicker-free and has an IP20 rating. It comes with a 3-year warranty, ensuring reliable performance over its 25,000-hour lifespan.

How to choose LED tracklights:

LED Tracklight Accessories

A simple, straight track bar is all you need to set up a linear LED tracklight. With the help of a straight joiner, these can be put next to each other to make it look like one long LED track.

With a T-connector or an L-connector, you can make different shapes, like squares or grids. Wires can also be used to hang LED tracklights. Attaching end caps at the end of a track bar can finish off LED tracklights and give them a sleek and professional look.

Buying extras from the company that makes your LED tracklights is a great way to change up a room or make it look better.

JH Market is a trusted source for LED tracklights with the best prices and highest quality. You can buy track lights here online, in our store, or by calling our helpful sales staff.

Colour Temperature of LED Tracklight

Depending on how you want the light to look, feel, and work, the colour temperature of your LED tracklight is important. A 3000k LED tracklight gives off a warm, bright light that can help make a room feel friendly and calm. It works well for setting the mood in hotels, restaurants, and bars.

A 4000k neutral white LED tracklight and a 5000k cool white LED tracklight are great for making a space look clean and bright. These LED tracklights work well in stores that are bright and modern. Both 5700k and 6000k LED tracklights give off light that is similar to daylight, but 5700k is a little bit cooler. These LED tracklights are great for showing true colours and work well in museums, galleries, exhibitions, and retail stores.

Your current LED tracklights can be easily converted to a different colour temperature. You just need to swap out the lights on the existing track bar, rather than replacing and rearranging the complete configuration.