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Why Pick JH Market Outdoor Security Motion Sensors:

  • Weatherproof options - suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Large detection angles
  • Varied styles and sizes
  • Compatible with a variety of outdoor lighting
  • Sleek and modern design

Below are JH Market's best-selling outdoor wall mount sensors:

Merrytek On-off Motion Sensor Recessed Mounting

  • Compact design
  • Stand-alone installation
  • Adaptive PIR sensor
  • Bluetooth wireless signal
  • Low-impedance antenna technology
  • 220-240Vac input
  • Built-in motion and daylight sensors
  • 5-year warranty

This wall mount sensor has a compact size with an independent installation design that allows for flexibility as it is not limited to specific types of luminaires. This detection system has strong environmental adaptability and can resist false triggers like mosquitoes, birds, and fluttering leaves.

The device also incorporates an integrated motion sensor and light sensor. To ensure accurate light perception values, the technology of infrared light perception filtering is utilised, addressing the issue of large deviation on sunny, cloudy, and rainy days. With a recommended mounting height ranging from 2.5 to 4 meters, this device offers versatility in various applications.

Additionally, it comes with a 5-year warranty, providing peace of mind and assurance of quality.

Factors to consider when buying outdoor security sensors:

Wattage of Light With Outdoor Motion Sensor:

The wattage of outdoor security motion sensor lights is important since it determines how much light will be produced. For safety reasons, it's best to install outdoor wall mount sensor lights with higher wattages so that you can view the area more clearly. Driveways and wider areas of your backyard or front yard benefit more from the illumination provided by these outdoor security motion sensor lights.

Smaller spaces, or those where you want to cultivate a friendlier atmosphere, such as outdoor gardens and outdoor dining areas, benefit more from lower wattage outdoor sensor lights.

Type of Outdoor Light Timer Switch:

The functions of a digital timer switch and an electric timer switch are interchangeable. Electric timer switches usually last longer and can handle higher electricity loads than digital timer switches. On the other hand, digital timer switches are often more streamlined and fit better into the design of homes than electric timer switches.

Type of Outdoor Security Motion Sensor:

Most outdoor motion monitors are either passive infrared (PIR) or microwave. PIR motion detectors measure heat levels and can tell when a heat-emitting object, like a person, goes past their sensor field and changes the heat level. When putting up outdoor sensor lights with a PIR sensor, it's important to make sure they're not near any heat sources like heaters or lamps. Outdoor microwave devices send out waves that are then reflected back to the receiver. This lets the receiver know if a signal has been broken. A microwave sensor is often used in outdoor security sensor lights that are very delicate.

IP Rating of Outdoor Security Sensors:

The IP rating indicates whether or not an outdoor security motion sensor can withstand the elements.

An outdoor sensor with an IP44 rating is protected against light sprays of water and can be mounted anywhere from the shower to the patio.

Meanwhile, sensors rated IP65 or higher can withstand the harsh Australian climate and be mounted outside. Outdoor sensors with a high ingress protection rating are versatile enough to be used both indoors and outdoors, making them a good investment.

Many of our weatherproof wall-mounted sensors can be installed outside to reduce security threats for homes and businesses.

It is great to pair our outdoor motion sensors with 5000-6000k outdoor LED lights, as they provide the highest contrast for our eyes, making it easier and quicker for us to see objects lighted by these outdoor sensor lights.

As 5000–6000k outdoor LED lights give the best contrast for our eyes, making it easier and quicker for humans to see items lit by these outdoor sensor lights. It is a good idea to use our outdoor motion sensors with them.