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Junction Box & Screw Connectors

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Explore the Advantages of JH Market's Junction Box and Screw Connectors:

  • Expertly crafted using premium materials.
  • Fully compliant with New Zealand and Australian safety regulations.
  • Rapid dispatch from our on-site warehouses.

JH Market offers an extensive selection of top-notch junction boxes, junction box connectors, and screw connectors.

Discover more about our diverse range of junction box connectors, single screw connectors, and double screw connectors below.

Junction Box with Connectors

Our junction box connectors are ideal for safeguarding wire connections from short circuits, which can lead to fires. Encasing your wires, these connectors prioritize safety, aligning with Australian safety norms and crafted from superior materials.

Purchase our junction box online, in-store, or by calling 1300 000 808.

These junction boxes come with integrated connectors, offering ease of use and convenience. Buying a junction box online can be daunting, but our return and refund policy assures your satisfaction, or you get your money back.

Find a similar junction box cheaper elsewhere? We'll undercut it by 10% with our price beat guarantee!

Popular Junction Box Connectors

JinHang Junction Box With Connectors.

The JinHang junction box features 4 connectors: three single connectors (32A) and one double screw connector (40A), suitable for up to 3x6mm sq cables. It's IP20 rated, made with superior PC, available in a sleek blue, and meets Australian and NZ safety standards.

Available online, in-store, or via phone at 1300 000 808.

Single Screw Connector

The JinHang Single Screw Connectors are a popular choice.

These connectors are housed in a handy screw-top container for easy access and safety. Made of durable PC and adhering to Australian safety standards, they're designed for strenuous conditions. Suitable for 6mm squared cables, L, N, and Earth conductors, and IP20 rated. They work with both philips and flat screws, making them versatile for various tasks.

Available in 50 and 100 piece packs, sometimes offered in special bundles.

Double Screw Connector

Our top pick is the JinHang Double Screw Connectors.

This 50-piece set is ideal for organizing and protecting cables, suitable for 6mm squared cables, L, N, and Earth conductors. Made from robust PC, IP20 rated, and built to endure tough conditions. Compatible with both philips and flat screws, they're a handy addition to any toolkit.

Our screw connectors and junction boxes are just a call away at 0800 748 848, or visit us online or in-store. We offer diverse shipping options, including same-day delivery, for prompt receipt of your order.