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Linear Lighting

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Why choose JH Market LED linear lights:

  • Wide beam
  • Various colour options for different applications
  • Extended life span
  • 5-year warranty...

Linear LED lights are usually attached to ceilings and used above kitchen islands, counters, or above long dining tables. These linear pendant lights are also popular in commercial settings like office spaces.

LED pendant lights are a modern and beautiful way to light up areas with brightly and evenly distributed light. Linear LED lights also last for a long time and are energy efficient. So you can save money on replacement and maintenance costs and energy bills. These LED linear lights are also environmentally friendly.

Choosing the best LED pendant lights

Direction of LED pendant light

LED linear pendant lights can be suspended in three primary ways. The most common way involves suspending the light with the LEDs facing downward, emitting general illumination. This setup is often used over kitchen tables and similar spaces.

You can also choose to suspend the LED linear pendant light with the LEDs directed upwards towards the ceiling. This method creates a gentle wash of light, setting a pleasant ambience in the surroundings.

You can also combine direct and indirect illumination. This involves illuminating both the areas above and below the linear pendant, providing a balanced and well-distributed lighting effect.

LED pendant light mounting methods

Mounting linear pendant lights offer several options to suit different spaces. Suspending the linear pendant light above a kitchen table or island is a popular choice because it provides effective and stylish illumination in these areas.

For a sleek and clean look, surface mounting is another great option. This is particularly suitable for low ceilings. You can attach the linear pendant directly to the ceiling. To achieve this, you must use a linear pendant linear light joints, which allow you to connect the individual pendants seamlessly and extend the lighting coverage as needed.

LED pendant light IP rating

With an IP rating of 20, our LED linear pendant lights are all suitable for indoor use. If you want a linear light that is suitable for workshops or outdoor use, you can check out our LED batten lights here.

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JH Market offers high-quality and affordable LED pendant lights. Our LED linear pendant lights are designed to elevate the style of any home while providing superior lighting quality.