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In-line Exhaust Fan

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Selecting JH Market Inline Exhaust Fans:

  • Simple to install.
  • Operates quietly.
  • Water-resistant, boasting an IP44 rating.
  • Comes with flex and plugs.
  • Backed by a 3-year warranty.

Our inline fans, also known as inline duct extractor fans or remote-mounted fans, is perfectly suited for spacious homes and apartments with limited roof space. They efficiently move air in areas like bathrooms, kitchens, or offices, ensuring rapid ventilation while maintaining a quiet operation.

These fans utilize axial motor technology to effectively move large volumes of air at low pressure.

Advantages of in-line ventilation fans coupled with ducted ceiling fans include:

  • Removing air contaminants such as odors, moisture, and dirt, maintaining a hygienic environment.
  • Enhancing air circulation.
  • Distributing cool or warm air efficiently.

At JH Market, we're committed to offering top-tier inline exhaust fans at the most competitive prices.

Our inline duct extractor fans feature a pure copper coil motor for extended durability. Additionally, they're equipped with thermal protection, increasing safety for users.

Our inline exhaust fans complement our ducted ceiling ventilation fans, ideal for large homes and apartments lacking roof space. These ducted fans pull air through the ducts, expelling it outside. Inline fans are particularly effective in long duct setups, pushing air out rapidly. Pairing inline and ducted ceiling exhaust fans is an excellent choice for apartment projects, ensuring customer satisfaction.

Every JH Market inline exhaust fan includes a fixing bracket for horizontal or vertical mounting on a flat surface.

Considerations when choosing inline duct extractor fans:

Noise Level

Our inline ventilation fans are notably quiet, starting at 46 decibels. This level is akin to a library or tranquil suburban setting, and quieter than a household refrigerator, according to Yale and Temple University. Low-noise operation ensures user comfort, a stark contrast to the louder traditional models.

IP Rating

A high IP rating is crucial for inline vent fans, especially for moisture resistance. Our fans' IP44 rating signifies durability and longevity, adept at expelling damp air.

Fan Size

Ensuring the fan size matches the inline ventilation fan is vital for effective air movement from the targeted space through the vent and outside.

We offer a variety of sizes in our inline fans to suit different needs. Explore our selection now.