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Commercial & Industrial LED Lighting

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Commercial outdoor lighting provides an effective way to produce a lot of illumination with extensive coverage.

Commercial industrial lighting is frequently used as streetlights, parking lots, and tennis courts as industrial LED lighting. This energy-efficient option requires minimal maintenance, so you can save on both electricity and maintenance expenses.

Why choose JH Market for commercial LED lighting:

  • Long lifespan (up to >100,000 hours)
  • Cool white and daylight colour variations
  • Competitive pricing
  • Easy installation (user-friendly)
  • Reliable (5-year warranty)
  • Different wattage (can be used in different areas)

JH Market offers commercial lighting supplies that are both high-quality and budget-friendly. Take a look at two of our popular options for commercial outdoor lighting.

Shop for our best-selling commercial industrial lighting, sourced from a trustworthy and affordable commercial lighting supplier. This exceptional commercial LED flood light is best designed for street lighting and parking lot lighting applications.

Shop with confidence from a dependable and budget-friendly commercial lighting supplier. Our industrial LED lighting means you’ll get outstanding light output while you save on energy consumption and costs.

Our outdoor commercial lighting stands out with its competitive price point, high-quality materials, and various wattage options that can compete with many leading brands. Our commercial LED lights are an excellent choice for illuminating tennis courts and parking lots.

Considerations when purchasing industrial LED lighting:

IP rating:

The IP rating determines the suitability of commercial industrial lighting for outdoor use. Choosing commercial outdoor lighting with an IP rating of 65 or higher ensures exceptional protection against various weather conditions.

All of JH Market's commercial lighting products have an IP rating of 65 or above, guaranteeing the highest level of weather resistance.

Colour temperature:

The recommended colour temperature for tennis court lighting should be within the range of cool white to natural daylight (5000k-5700k).

This specific range enhances visibility and contrast, which plays an essential role in both security and sports performance. Choosing this colour temperature ensures optimal lighting conditions for tennis courts, allowing players and audiences to have a clear and enjoyable experience of the game.


Opting for durable commercial LED lighting can reduce installation expenses since they do not need frequent maintenance and replacement compared to industrial LED lighting with shorter lifespans.

JH Market's commercial LED lighting and outdoor commercial LED lighting offer a lifespan of up to >100,000 hours and are accompanied by a 5-year warranty.


It is important to have adequate brightness and coverage in commercial industrial lighting. While each industrial LED lighting solution is different, here is a brief guide on the different wattage options to suit your specific application area.

  • 10x10m = 10w Outdoor Commercial Lighting
  • 20x20m = 30w Outdoor Commercial Lighting
  • 30x30m = 50w Outdoor Commercial Lighting
  • 50x50m = 100w Outdoor Commercial Lighting
  • User-friendly (easy installation)
  • 100x100m = 200w+ Outdoor Commercial Lighting

For tennis court lighting, below is a guide for the best amount of Lux your commercial outdoor lighting should have, depending on your activity.

^Basic conversion of lux to lumens based on a singles court playing surface area (195.65m2). A detailed lighting design should be conducted to determine the unique needs of each project.


Commercial LED lighting offers double the efficiency of traditional metal halide lighting, resulting in significant cost savings. Also adding energy-saving features like a photocell can further enhance the efficiency and usability of your industrial LED lighting.

An example of this is the Janus 150W Street/Carpark Light 5000K Dark Grey. The photocell detects lighting levels and can automatically switch on at night and switch off as daylight approaches, saving energy and therefore electricity costs.

These lights also double as a security feature as they're able to automatically turn on when detecting motion.

Key questions to consider when buying commercial LED outdoor lighting:

  • Does the commercial lighting have the required certifications to be sold in New Zealand?
  • Is the commercial outdoor lighting available in the optimal colour temperature (5000K-5700K)
  • Is the product available from a commercial lighting supplier now, or is the lead time (which is not unusual for special orders) reasonable?
  • What are the warranty terms and conditions?
  • What additional features (like the Photocell sensor) set the product apart from others?

Picking the best lighting solution for your next project doesn't have to be a challenging task. At JH Market, we provide lighting design services for all tennis court lighting and parking lot lighting projects. Just email the project specifications to or call 1300 000 808 to speak to a product expert and we do the rest!