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Jinhang 10W Blue Light Reduction LED Downlight Tricolour 90mm

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Blue light reduction LED downlights can help you sleep better and protect your eyes.
Key Features:
   - Reduces Blue Light More Than 50%
   - True Colour (CRI >95)
   - Dimmable
   - Flicker Free
   - Energy Efficient
   - Tricolour
   - 90mm


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More Information
VoltageAC 100-240V
Colour TemperatureTri Color
Hole Cut-Out90mm
Flicker FreeYes
Beam Angle95
Warranty7 Years
IP RatingIP44
Lifespan50,000 Hours
Efficacy (Lm/W)75-85
Body ColourWhite

Blue light reduction LED downlights

Due to work and study commitments, we cannot control the usage of blue light emitting screens for most of our days. Therefore, it is crucial to limit blue light intake in ways we can control. A great way to do this is to install blue light reducing lighting into your bedroom, study and anywhere you are few hours prior to sleeping.

Our blue light reduction downlights can help you sleep better and protect your eyes. We are verified by UL Lab, meaning everything we claim is tested and approved.

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Product Details:

Our lights reduce the harmful blue light wavelengths emitted from standard downlights.

Our LED globes have a high precision constant-current driver chip. This regulates the current that flows through our LED downlights, maintaining a consistent output of light. This means no flickering lights, and as a result, no eye fatigued caused by flicker.

These LED blue light reduction downlights are super close to natural lighting. The CRI (colour rendering index) is a scale that measures how 'true to life' colours look under lighting. It's measured on a scale of 1-100; with the sun being 100. Our blue light reduction downlights have a CRI of >95 (standard is 80), meaning that objects lit by our downlights appear more vibrant, fresh and realistic.

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LED blue light reduction downlights are a great choice for homes and businesses as they are energy efficient, so your electricity bills will be cheaper compared to other downlights.

Our low blue light downlights are made from high-purity aluminium and thermal conduction materials, meaning they have good thermal management and wont overheat.

We recommend installing these LED low blue light downlights in your bedroom and study.

We are here to limit the damaged caused by excessive blue light by stopping the issue at the root.

Checklist for choosing blue light bulbs:

1. If they claim to block 100% of blue light, or cure diseases - ensure they are backed up by a certification

2. Check if the LED blue light globes are dimmable

3. Check if there is a verification from a reliable company (eg. UL verification)

Each downlight is sold individually.


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